ISL Light 2.1.1 for IOS (2012-09-18)


General Information

On 10th of August 2012 we have released:

  • ISL Light  2.1.0 (Build date=2012-06-05, Revision=24682, Platform=iOS) for iOS.


Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS.



New features

ISL Light - Client iOS - Retina display supported More [ISLLIGHT-311]

Description In the previous version 3 images were not retina display compatible. They were shown in lower resolution. All images in the application are now in high resolution and retina display compatible.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Forgot password More [ISLLIGHT-312]

Description All hosted users now have a possibility to use forgot password functionality. The web API is called inside the application and the user will receive an email with the password.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Remember AlwaysOn computer access password More [ISLLIGHT-313]

Description Users are now able to store their AlwaysOn computer access password.

ISL Light - Client iOS - One-time AlwaysOn computer access password support More [ISLLIGHT-314]

Description Application now has the possibility to use one-time AlwaysOn access computer passwords which are generated in AlwaysOn. This feature is designed to enhance security. The password is randomly chosen from the list of 50 previously generated passwords.



ISL Light - Client iOS - Fixed reconnect to random server More [ISLLIGHT-315]

Description After reconnect of the session the application connected to a randomly chosen server. This caused poor session performance. Now the application checks the server parameters and connects to the best server available after reconnect.

This issue was fixed.

ISL Light - Client iOS - Fixed translation problems More [ISLLIGHT-316]

Description Some translations in the application were used from the older version of ISL Light for iOS. Every older translation text was replaced with the newest translation.

The issue was fixed.


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