ISL Light 4.4.1734.10 for iOS (2017-10-13)


General Information

On 13th of October the following was released:

  • ISL Light 4.4.1734.10 for iOS (build date=2017-10-12, build=6aeafc99a80339e6dd541b09f68cbc23c180a4a2, Platform=iOS).

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service for iOS or Android

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License for iOS or Android

ISL  Light 4.4.1734.10 for iOS is available in App Store and it has also a  corresponding program file  (isl_light_4_4_1734_10_ios_201710121533_fc264cad.program) which adds  information about customizations to ISL Conference Proxy. Server License  users need to use Online update to get the file.


ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Drop support for Crittercism (SPECIAL) [ISLLIGHT-4709] More


ISL Light for iOS does no longer include Crittercism crash reporting library. This library was used to send anonymous crash reports of ISL Light application.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Drop support for armv7s architecture in building process and user agent (SPECIAL) [ISLLIGHT-4768] More


ISL Light application does no longer support devices with armv7s  architecture. Devices running with armv7s will continue to run with  armv7 support which will result in slightly slower performance. User  agent was also changed and does no longer report support for armv7s  architecture.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Update keyvisual file (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4400] More


Keyvisual in ISL Light for iOS application was updated to fit ISL Online design guidelines.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Implement invite operator functionality (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4402] More


Added support for inviting additional operators into existing session. Once the session is established, the operator of the session has to click on Tools menu and select "Invite operator". Email invitation will pop-up and operator can send e-mail invitation to the desired user. Invite operator permission can also be revoked by clicking on Tools button and selecting "Revoke invitation".

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Implement flags functionality in ISL Light  for iOS (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4654] More


Added new flags which can be enabled in ISL Light for iOS settings under Flags section:
* Enable suport for two-factor authentication login ( enabled by default - support for two-factor authentication )
* 2017_03_16_LIB_746_automatic_key_upgrade ( automatic obtaining and storing of newer RSA key obtained from ISL Conference Proxy - appropriate flag on ISL Conference Proxy also has to be enabled )
* 2017_03_22_LIB_746_disallow_cert_v1_downgrade ( security prevention for ISL Light application to use older RSA key when creating connection to ISL Conference Proxy - appropriate flag on ISL Conference Proxy also has to be enabled )
* 2017_04_19_LIB_763_check_http_tunnel_content_type ( support for checking content type which is returned on http tunnel creation )
* 2017_04_18_LIB_765_add_output_to_translation_unique_id ( add unique id for recorded translations )
* 2017_06_02_LIB_780_add_secure_ending_to_storage_file ( user settings stored in secure storage file  )
* 2017_06_20_LIB_794_no_ip_hints_for_web_proxy ( provide IP hint for connection only when connecting to ISL Conference Proxy without web-proxy )

IMPORTANT: Please do not enable flags unless directly instructed by ISL Online support team.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Implement 2FA for ISL Light on iOS (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4657] More


Two factor authentication support was added to ISL Light for iOS application. If 2FA is enabled on the account used for connection, user is prompted to enter verification code during login procedure. If more 2FA methods are available for the account, users can select among them for the second step of login. 2FA dialog will be prompted on every login unless "Don't ask again on this device" is chosen. If 2FA is not available on server, the application will downgrade to old, single step login method.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - Application crashes when using screensharing driver on iOS 11 (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-4748] More


Users may have experienced crashing of ISL Light application when trying to start sharing device screen ( using screenshots ). The issue was in missing permission. The application should not crash anymore when starting device screen sharing.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Mobile iOS - "Remember me" functionality remembers passwords only on successful logins (DEFECT) [ISLLIGHT-4755] More


If users used remember me option but then tried to sign in with different username and failed in the second step of 2FA authentication, then the pre-filled credentials in the Login dialog will have username of the new user and password from the last successful logon ( previous user ). Remember me functionality was redesigned, if a new username is detected the password will be automatically cleared on unsuccessful login.

The defect was fixed.

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