ISL Groop 2.0.1 for Windows (2010-03-24)


General Information

On 9th April 2010 we have released:

  • ISL Groop 2.0.1 (2009-03-24) win32

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

Please visit to host a meeting or join a meeting.

Important: You need to have a valid ISL Online products login to host a meeting using ISL Groop.

Server License

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users with ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 installed

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install


Major improvements

  • bug fixes

List of improvements

#428555: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Annotation tools crossing slide border. [Defect fix] More


When you are using any of the annotation tools and while active move the mouse outside of the slide area, the drawing will now be saved and not disappear anymore.

#428557: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Delete all annotations button does nothing.  [Defect fix] More


When pressing the delete all annotations button it would correctly delete all annotations that you can delete. If however, there are no annotations nothing would happen. A message box will now show, telling you that there is nothing to delete.

#428559: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Slide reordering corrupts public slide indication [Defect fix] More


If you were reordering slides, the public slide indication would sometime be on the wrong slide thumbnail. This defect was fixed.

#428561: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Incorrect mouse pointer when share control is revoked. [Defect fix] More


When control over remote share was revoked, the mouse cursor was incorrectly showing "busy". It has been changed to "unavailable".

#428563: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Drawing triggers messages after remote control request. [Defect Fix] More


If you requested remote control, and it was granted. Then selected drawing tools and started drawing,  messages would start popping up, telling you that control was granted every time you created a new object on slide. This defect was fixed.

#428757: ISL Groop(Windows - All): ISL Groop does not exit when there is a live stream present. [Defect Fix] More


Sometimes if you exited the client with an active live stream present, the client would hang. This defect was fixed.

#433405: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Starting ISL Groop with authentication required session. [Defect Fix] More


If you started ISL Groop and tried to join into a session with Authentication Required. It would correctly ask for your username and password. But if you entered a valid username and password of a user, that was not allowed to join the session, the client would hang. This was fixed.

#433760: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Rapidly drawing objects crashes the client. [Defect Fix] More


If you were drawing a lot of objects on a slide in a short time, the client would sometimes crash. This defect was fixed.

#436691: ISL Groop(Windows - All): Activating video, crashes the client. [Defect Fix] More


Activating video, or going to video settings would crash the client. The problem was identified as a compatibility issue with the old VFW(Video for Windows) API for video capture. The entire VFW driver has been dropped in favor of a newer DirectShow driver which is much more stable.

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