ISL Groop 1.1.0 for Windows (2009-01-19)


General Information

On 20th January 2009 we have released:

  • ISL Groop 1.1.0 (2009-01-19) win32

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

Please visit to host a meeting or join a meeting.

Important: You need to have a valid ISL Online products login to host a meeting using ISL Groop.

Server License

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users with ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 installed

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install


Major improvements

  • localization support
  • improved networking - QoS implementation tries to achieve best user experience during session
  • session files - session now support ¬†file attachments
  • new layout - conference

List of improvements

#85643: ISL Groop(Windows - All): interactive pointer tool [New feature] More


New interactive pointer tool, can be used by the podium holder to point to certain areas of the slide during the presentation.

#156536: ISL Groop(Windows - Alll): session shared files [New feature] More


Shared files folder allows files to be added to the session and shared among session participants. File locking and versioning is also supported.

#157890: ISL Groop(Windows - All): multiple select and delete slides / files [New feature] More


Multiple select with Shift+Mouse or Ctrl+Mouse works on slides and files and allows deletion of multiple files or slides at once.

#117768: ISL Groop(Windows - All): localization support [New feature] More


ISL Groop client now supports localization.

#158316: ISL Groop(Windows - All): copy-paste, links in the chat [New feature] More


Links pasted into chat are now highlighted and interactive.

#166634: ISL Groop(Windows - All): report incompatibility of view sizes for slides [New feature] More


Podium holder now gets a notification when other participants canvas size in the group client is to small to display the whole slide.

#157891: ISL Groop(Windows - All): session starting time in invitation email [New feature] More


Session starting time can now be set on the modify session page (web pages). If starting time for session is set, it is added to the invitation emails.

#143947: ISL Groop(Windows - All): install VNC hooks when two clients are running. [New feature] More


ISL Groop client now uses unique hooks to be able to support more than one VNC server on the same machine.

#166591: ISL Groop(Windows - All): network transfer & speed metrics (notify on congestion) [New feature] More


Session participants links are now monitored by the server. By calculating several network metrics, server can estimate user experience. Hosts and podium holder and notified when users are unable to receive audio, desktop streams or content in time.

Session hosts and podium holder are also notified about the percentage of content each user has received.

#189060: ISL Groop(Windows - All): session layouts [New feature] More


ISL Groop client layouts have been redesigned. Now you have a choice between the basic layout, drawing layout, presentation layout and conferencing layout.

A default layout for the session can also be set in the modify session page (web pages).

#189063: ISL Groop(Windows - All): straight line drawing support in freehand tool [New feature] More


Holding down the Shift key while drawing with the freehand or hilite tool allows you to draw straight lines.

#187838: ISL Groop(Windows - All): screen clipping and object insertion crash [Defect fix] More


- User is trying to add screen clipping, or paste image, or is drawing or editing an item

- All slides get deleted at the same time

- Client crashes

The defect was fixed.

#116119: ISL Groop(Windows - All): moving to different server sometimes crashes client [Defect fix] More


- User is actively joined to session.

- Server hosting the session reboots, or the session is moved to another session by the administrator.

- Client sometime crashes when reconnecting

The defect was fixed.

#157894: ISL Groop(Windows - All): sound disappearing problem [Defect fix] More


- Sound from participants was lost during settings changes when that user was joining session or starting sound at the same time.

The defect was fixed.

#159120: ISL Groop(Windows - All):GUI unresponsive during connect [Defect fix] More


- When joining session the GUI would be unresponsive while receiving session content.

The defect was fixed.

#187866: ISL Groop(Windows - All):CMD Shell sharing defect [Defect fix] More


- When sharing the windows CMD Shell, clients viewing the stream would crash

The defect was fixed.

#189059: ISL Groop(Windows - All): WDM camera driver hangs client [Defect fix] More


- Select WDM camera device in Video Settings

- Whenever camera recording is closed, client hangs.

The defect was fixed.

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