ISL Groop 1.0.1 for Windows (2008-04-25)


General Information

On 25th April 2008 we have released:

  • ISL Groop 1.0.1 (2008-04-25) win32
  • ISL Conference Proxy - ISL Groop 1.0.1 (2008-04-25)

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

Please visit to join or host a meeting.

Server License

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users with ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 installed

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install


Major improvements

  • New web interface for ISL Groop meetings management. The process of meeting creation has been simplified.
  • Improved email invitation system - support HTML emails.
  • Meeting owner has been introduced - owner needs to be in session for session to run.
  • Improved connectivity.
  • Improved support for Logitech USB headset.


New features

#107243: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Session creation and modification changed [New feature] More


The webpages for session creation and modification have been changed to be more user friendly.

#107838: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Invitation e-mails in HTML form [New feature] More


All E-Mail invitations are now sent in HTML and plain-text formats.

#98031: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Use timezones to display correct times in session webpages and emails [New feature] More


Timezone support now converts time to session owner time in emails and shows the user's local time when viewing webpages.

#98199: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Save video quality selections [New feature] More


User video quality selections are saved between sessions.

#98530: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Autotransport throuth proxy with username and password [New feature] More


Full ISL Autotransport support enabled allowing to connect through proxies that require user authentication.

#104747: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Close button on splash screen [New feature] More


The thin client splash screen now has a close button to allow exit.

#106036: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): ISL Groop enable/disable settings [New feature] More


ISL Groop module can now be disabled for each server and each user as needed.

#106040: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): User presence and state across grid servers [New feature] More


It is now possible to see all users inside each session in the administrator interface.

#107231: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Additional addresses for autotransport [New feature] More


Additonal address support in ISL autotransport is now enabled allowing clients to attempt connection to different servers when some are not available automaticaly.

Defect fixes

#97579: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Handle users in default domain by hiding domain [Defect fix] More


Domain is no longer required and displayed in username when user is the member of the default domain.

#97580: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Email invitations with realname [Defect fix] More


Owner name is displayed correcly as realname (if present) or email.

#97610: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Send 'session created' email to session owner [Defect fix] More


E-mail notification with session details is sent to session creator when a new session is created.

#97771: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Hide private chat messages from others [Defect fix] More


Private chat messages are no longer sent to session hosts, but only to the sender and receiver of message.

#98032: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Fixed slide strip toolbar in horizontal position [Defect fix] More


Toolbar is shown correctly on slide strip window when slide strip is in horizontal position.

#98034: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Chat text windows fixes [Defect fix] More


Messages were shown in wrong time in chat window. Chat window was sometime left in disabled state when session was going from inactive to active.

#98059: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Maximize and restore window buttons [Defect fix] More


Maximize and restore window buttons have new icons.

#98229: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Unlock sync notification [Defect fix] More


Text in message box shown when you try to unsync is not more explanatory.

#99552: ISL Groop (Windows - All): No video stream when no device [Defect fix] More


When you do not have video device, video streaming is now disabled, and does not allow creating of empty video stream.

#99783: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Error messages in audio settings [Defect fix] More


Error messages in audio tab on settings page are now more user friendly.

#100598: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Inivite users to meeting [Defect fix] More


The way that users are invited to meeting has been changed to be more user friendly. Session's are by default created with Present as default role and all users are invited as Presenters.

#100758: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Accents and foreign letters emails [Defect fix] More


All emails are now sent in HTML and UTF-8 plain text forms, so foreign characters are now possible in names and texts.

#105791: ISL Conference Proxy - Groop (Windows - All, Linux - All): Fixed invalid ISL Groop invitation links [Defect fix] More


The join links sent in emails and show on webpages are now correct.

#107242: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Fixed: audio mixer bug for some logitech devices [Defect fix] More


Audio did not work correctly on some Logitech USB headsets.

#107839: ISL Groop (Windows - All): Fixed session stream desynchronization [Defect fix] More


Clients are now always synhronized with the state on the conference proxy server.

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