ISL Conference Proxy 3.5.4 with modules for Windows and Linux (2013-10-10)


General Information

On 10th of October 2013 we have released Windows (32bit and 64bit), Linux (32bit and 64bit)  versions :

  • ISL Conference Proxy 3.5.4 for Windows 32bit (Platform=win32, Revision=30055, release_date=2013-09-26, os_version=0x5020000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 3.5.4 for Windows 64bit (Platform=win64, Revision=30055, release_date=2013-09-26, os_version=0x5020000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 3.5.4 for Linux 32bit (Platform=linux, Revision=30055, release_date=2013-09-26)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 3.5.4 for Linux 64bit (Platform=linux64, Revision=30055, release_date=2013-09-26)


  • ISL AlwaysOn 2.1.3 (release_date=2013-09-26, revision=30055)
  • ISL Light 3.5.3 (release_date=2013-09-26, revision=30072)


  • isl_conference_proxy_20130926_20131011_075316
  • isl_alwayson_20130926_20131011_075316
  • isl_groop_20130926_20131011_075316
  • isl_light_20130926_20131011_075316
  • isl_pronto_20130926_20131011_075316

All updates haverelease date set to 2013-09-26. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

This are server side updates so hosted service users do not need to do anything.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License


New features

ISL Conference Proxy - expose webapi2 calls on autotransport More [ISLCONFPROXY-186]


WebAPI2 calls are now available using autotransport. The calls can be accessed using the following url:

ISL Conference Proxy - report authenticode expiry dates More [ISLCONFPROXY-191]


ISL Conference Proxy extracts Authenticode certificate validity date and reports it using ISL Conference Proxy e-mail message when expiry of certificate gets close. The warning emails about Authenticode certificate will be sent:

- 2 months prior to certificate expiry date

- 1 month prior to certificate expiry date

- 15 days prior to certificate expiry date

- Every day if there is less then 15 days to certificate expiry date

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - add support for GUI features More [ISLCONFPROXY-192]


Added support for feature permissions to ISL Conference Proxy. Each program, plugin or module will have a definition of features available which the user will be able to either allow or deny. In case programs which support features are deleted, administrator of ISL Conference Proxy will receive an email about deleted features.

ISL Conference Proxy - swap usage tracking More [ISLCONFPROXY-194]


Add features to track swap usage of ISL Conference Proxy in more details.

ISL Conference Proxy - add websockets tunnel support More [ISLCONFPROXY-198]


Support for websockets tunnel was added to ISL Conference Proxy.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - memory table is not synchronized - add checks into module (disable error after some time) More [ISLALWAYSON-216]


Added time setting for clearing error when database AlwaysOn location missmatch occurs. The setting is located in ISL AlwaysOn under:

Clear error after db location m. occurs (seconds):

ISL Light - Module - GUI features scheme More [ISLLIGHT-456]


ISL Light module includes GUI features scheme. With it you can disable features of ISL Light. You can configure the following scheme:

ISL LIGHT desktop (light_v1)

Allow desktop streaming

Allow control on desktop stream

Allow desktop viewing

Allow control on desktop view

ISL LIGHT file_transfer (light_v1)

Allow file receiving

Allow file sending

The scheme is located in ISL Conference Proxy configuration page under Advanced,GUI features.

In case clients are using older version of ISL Light which do not support features, you can decide what happens with that sessions. The setting can be found under Advanced, ISL Light:

Stop session if features are unknown

Defect fixes

ISL Conference Proxy - per server memory table sync   More [ISLCONFPROXY-189]


ISL AlwaysOn locations tables were synchronized with one update which caused big loads on ISL Conference Proxy. The update of ISL AlwaysOn locations are now broken down into smaller pieces which are then processed by ISL Conference Proxy. This decreased the load on the servers.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Conference Proxy - Core - wrapi interface does not use webtoken data More [ISLCONFPROXY-196]


Web requests that were not initialized from ISL Conference Proxy hanlder did not use webtoken data. This resulted in some text not being translated, one of them was "send WOL packet" in ISL AlwaysOn webpage. Web request have been redesigned and also use webtoken, which resulted in text being correctly translated.

The defect was fixed.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - untranslated send WOL packet More [ISLALWAYSON-218]


"WOL packet was sent" status text was untranslated when sending Wake-On-Lan packet from ISL AlwaysOn web page. The text is now translated.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Light - Module - search with webapi2 can result in internal server error More [ISLLIGHT-453]


Users who did not have permission to search ISL Light session history got internal server error when searching it on WebAPI2. Session history function has been redesigned, if a user does not have permissions to search, it will result in empty session list.

The defect was fixed.

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