ISL Conference Proxy 3.4.0 for Windows and Linux (2011-12-22)


General Information

On 22th of December 2011 we have released 32bit Windows, 32bit Linux and 64bit Linux versions of:

  • ISL Conference Proxy 3.4.0 (Platform=win32/linux/linux64, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22389)


  • DNS Server 1.1.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)
  • GeoIP 1.2.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)
  • ISL AlwaysOn 2.0.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22317)
  • ISL Groop 2.4.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)
  • ISL Light 3.3.7 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)
  • ISL Pronto 2.1.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)
  • Network Time 1.1.0 (Platform=win32/linux64/linux, Release date=2011-11-10, Revision=22280)

Programs (Windows only)

  • Connection Tester 1.0.9 (platform=win32, release_date=2011-11-10, revision=22212, os_version=0x4000000-0x7fffffff)

Upgrading to new version

Hosted Service

ISL Conference Proxy releases apply to server license owners only 

Server License

Upgrades are free of charge for ISL Online Server License users with active Extended Support Service. ISL Online Server License users with expired Extended Support Service are welcome to purchase Extended Support Service in order to gain access to the newly released ISL Online Server system. In case you have extended ESS you will need to create new license file and upload it to your ISL Conference Proxy server.

Quick Instructions for users, who have installed ISL Conference Proxy 3.1 or later

  1. open web administration of ISL Conference Proxy http://localhost:7615/conf
  2. login using admin account
  3. click Online update link in left navigation
  4. click Apply changes if you have automatic install

Major improvemenets

  • IPv6 support added to network stack
  • 100% multithreaded arhitecture of network stack
  • ISL Light, ISL Pronto and ISL AlwaysOn support multithreaded approach
  • policy file support (enabling regional releases)
  • speed up of ISL AlwaysOn accepting computers - on Linux 64 bit computer we tested with 30.000 computers and they were accepted in less than one minute.
  • local repository support (making Install Zip obsolete)

Improvements in ISL Conference Proxy

New features

ISL Conference Proxy - add support for IPv6 [ISLCONFPROXY-23] More


We have added support for IPv6 into server part of our software. Currently it is possible to use web pages through IPv6. Clients are not IPv6 compatible yet.

This also solves a problem where on Windows server localhost resolves to IPv6 and then administration pages did not open when you typed http://localhost:7615.

ISL Conference Proxy - add local disk repository support for Online update [ISLCONFPROXY-64] More


ISL Conference Proxy - Policy file support [ISLCONFPROXY-14] More


ISL Conference Proxy has now possibility to disable/customize confproxy/modules/programs and plugins versions per country.

ISL Conference Proxy - Add support for multiple sessions on single active connection license [ISLCONFPROXY-3] More


A setting was added to ISL Conference Proxy that enable/disable multiple sessions from same computer to use only one active connection license. In Terminal services the multiple sessions per license is always disabled.

ISL Conference Proxy - extend force https to support separatelly join and logged in pages [ISLCONFPROXY-56] More


We have added additional setting to ISL Conference Proxy - making it possible to force https only for users pages and not for join pages.

Defect fixes

ISL Conference Proxy - cannot install on Centos 6.0 [ISLCONFPROXY-57] More


ISL Conference Proxy had problems on some installation of RedHat.

install_initd does not work correctly on redhat

initd was used for compatibility with the latest Debian, will use redhat chkconfig for centos

The defect was fixed.

Improvements in ISL AlwaysOn

New features

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - File sharing support [ISLALWAYSON-80] More


ISL AlwaysOn 2.0.0 now supports file sharing from an ISL AlwaysOn computer.

On web page (server side) we implemented:

- browsing computer shares

- preview of file for som of common types (txt, jpg)

- file upload with upload status bar (tested with 2GB files)

- detecting file overwrite - a message "The file already exists. Do you want to overvrite it ?" is shown to user, asking what to do

- possibility to manage file sharing features:

-- Allow public file shares (available in ISL Conference Proxy -> Configuration -> ISL AlwaysOn)

-- User can use files functionality (available in ISL Conference Proxy administration -> Configuration -> ISL AlwaysOn or on domain, user settings)

-- settings above are only affecting web server - so user can still create shares in ISL AlwaysOn program, but shares are not available for web access

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Actions support added [ISLALWAYSON-75] More


Actions are small executable programs which can be send to ISL AlwaysOn 2.0.0 programs to perform some administration tasks.

Web interface was developed to support executing actions on single computer and on multiple computers at once.

User benefits are:

- no need to first connect using remote desktop to perform tasks which are supported as actions.

- possibility to update/execute task ten/hundred/thousand computer from ISL AlwaysOn  web page

Examples are:

- change ISL AlwaysOn password (computer/connection)

- shutdown computer

- list running processes

- query system information

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add possibility to select users in "Share Computer with" with checkboxes [ISLALWAYSON-95] More


When a user tried to share computer with another user he needed to know username of user to share with. This is not needed anymore as there are two possibilities:

- auto complete - when you type at least two letters, users matching users will show

- select users from a list

Settings controlling the visibility are in ISL Conference Proxy Web administration:

- Configuration -> Security

-- User can view list of domains on server

-- User can view list of users in own domain

-- User can view list of users on server

All are defaulted to No, so please enable correct options

The speed was improved for procedure above.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Performance optimization - multithreaded network stack [ISLALWAYSON-32] More


ISL AlwaysOn module was improved with multithreaded network stack which was introduced in ISL Conference Proxy 3.4

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Improved search - added filter by IP [ISLALWAYSON-7] More


We added possibility to search by IP or part of IP in user web pages of ISL AlwaysOn.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Changed Edit Computer/Select tags interface - add auto complete and entering multiple tags into field  [ISLALWAYSON-35] More


We introduced one textarea, where user can enter multiple tags or uses auto complete functionality. Delimiters are "; ,".

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add support for automatic and manual upgrade of ISL AlwaysOn programs [ISLALWAYSON-39] More



In ISL Conference Proxy web administration -> Configuration -> ISL AlwaysON setting was added:

- Automatically upgrade computers to latest version of a program:

When this setting is enabled, all computers are upgraded automatically when they connect to ISL Conference Proxy. The upgrade will fail if user disallowed ISL Conference Proxy upgrades in ISL AlwaysOn program settings.


a new option was added to every computer "Upgrade ISL AlwaysOn" and to search/all computers. Executing this option will try to upgrade selected ISL AlwaysOn programs.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Do not update last used filed when deleting connection [ISLALWAYSON-115] More


When a connection to a computer is deleted - last used field in aon users should not be updated. When using last used (in web page) skip deleted records.

Problem arises when there is:

- domain with 20k users

- 1 user shares with

- domain* - OK

- user deletes this share - THIS IS SLOW!

The speed was improved for procedure above.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Removed obsolete settings for ISL Light username and password [ISLALWAYSON-28] More


Removed obsolete settings in ISL Conference Proxy -> Configuration -> ISL AlwaysOn

- ISL Light Desk username (use this option to set the desired username that will be used for ISL Light Desk)

- ISL Light Desk password (use this option to set the password for the username defined in the previous option)

ISL AlwaysOn from initial release can use current user to ISL Light obtain code.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module/Client - Improve server settings mechanism [ISLALWAYSON-24] More


Current implementation of server settings requires that Administrator changes setting on ISL Conference Proxy and then run the ISL AlwaysOn binary on remote computers.

The procedure should be easier so one only needs to interact with web interface.

New settings take effect during establishment of ISL AlwaysOn connection to ISL Conference Proxy (during "register" phase).

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Add possibility to search by uid into XMLMSG interface [ISLALWAYSON-23] More


This feature is needed to better support ISL AlwaysOn integration with 3rd party management programs.

Defect fixes

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Module does not return error text when login username has domain without \\ in front [ISLALWAYSON-44] More


This is used in common library login functionality which is used by iOS and Android port.

The problem was:

Passing "domain\username" does not return also error message "Invalid username or password."

The defect was fixed.

Improvements in ISL AlwaysOn

New features

ISL Groop - Module - Added basic API for session manipulation [ISLGROOP-105] More


ISL Groop module was improved by adding API (HTTP+JSON) to manipulate user own sessions (create, delete and join).

The API is currently undocumented, additional information can be provided per project basis.

ISL Groop - Module - email invitations are not sent when user email address is not set [ISLGROOP-101] More


If the owner of the session does not have a valid email address setup, it seems that he is unable to send email invitations, even when the default email address for sending is valid.

We added a setting to ISL Conference Proxy -> Configuration -> ISL Groop:

- Sender address for email invitations

This setting will be used when user sends notification and does not have email address set. If setting is not set the default ISL Conference Proxy from address will be used.

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