ISL Conference Proxy 4.3.6 with modules for Windows and Linux (2017-01-16)


General Information

On 16th of January the following was released: 

  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.3.6 for Windows 32bit (Platform=win32, Revision=49171, release_date=2017-01-13, os_version=0x06000000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.3.6 for Windows 64bit (Platform=win64, Revision=49171, release_date=2017-01-13, os_version=0x06000000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.3.6 for Linux 32bit (Platform=linux, Revision=49171, release_date=2017-01-13)
  • ISL Conference Proxy 4.3.6 for Linux 64bit (Platform=linux64, Revision=49171, release_date=2017-01-13)


  • ISL AlwaysOn 4.3.6 (release_date=2017-01-13, revision=49171)
  • ISL Light 4.3.6 (release_date=2017-01-13, revision=49171)

Update availability

All updates have release date set to 2017-01-13. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

This are server side updates so hosted service users do not need to do anything.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License


ISL Conference Proxy - Core - Installed program customization support and add webapi2 "utils/customization/1" (FEATURE) [ISLCONFPROXY-1087] More


Added back-end support for customization of mobile application ISL Light ( iOS and Android ). Additionally a new webapi2 function call was added:
- utils/customization/1

The input parameters are platform ( android or ios ), name ( ISL Light ), and version of the application. The function call returns the customization name.

ISL Light - Module - Add support for session escalation (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4085] More


Added back-end support for session escalation ( invite operator ). New setting was added ISL Conference Proxy configuration under ISL Light :
- Mail template to attach to running session: ( this is invite operator invitation email which can be modified )

Webapi2 function isllight/session/email/2 was extended so it supports also template "attach" which will return invite operator email.
Webapi2 function isllight/session/info/1 was extended so attach parameters are also exposed:
- sessionAttach
- sessionAttachJs
- sessionAttachLink

ISL Light - Module - Show session info fields of parent session when session was attached (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4260] More


Added support for syncing session data between attached session and parent session. Changing session information on attached session will automatically change session information also on parent session.

ISL Light - Module - Add support for invite operator on web interface and reorder menu items (FEATURE) [ISLLIGHT-4379] More


Added invite operator functionality on ISL Light web interface. Once session is active users can click on options for the session and click on Invite operator. Apart from adding support for invite operator, options menu was also redesigned.

ISL AlwaysOn - Module - Webapi2 function islalwayson/user/grant/1 ignores the internal_ip parameter (DEFECT) [ISLALWAYSON-1154] More


If ISL Conference Proxy was using both public address and intranet address as connection address (License file included both Public address and Intranet address), calling webapi2 "islalwyson/user/grant/1" method ignored "internal_ip" parameter. ISL Conference Proxy server address in the resulting object was always the same: if webapi2 method call was made using public address, returned link values contained public address, even if "internal_ip" parameter was set to "true". If webapi2 method was requested using internal address, returned values contained internal address, also when "internal_ip" was set to "false". This was fixed in a way, that "internal_ip" argument is now considered correctly when calling "islalwyson/user/grant/1"method, without regard from address used in request.

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