Upgrading Hosted Service


Hosted Service

ISL Light

Please visit http://www.islonline.com and start ISL Light Desk or ISL Light Client from ISL Light tab.

ISL Groop

ISL Groop new version will be automatically started when joining a meeting.

  1. goto http://www.islonline.com
  2. click "Product login" in green field
  3. Login using your username and password
  4. click ISL Groop
  5. You should land at https://groop.islonline.net/users/islgroop/meetings.html where is a list of your meetings.
  6. Click join - it opens Join a meeting page.
  7. You can click Options link at the bottom of the page - you can see all available releases in drop box which appears.

Important: You need to have a valid ISL Online products login to host a meeting using ISL Groop.

ISL Pronto

ISL Pronto will offer upgrade automatically through program interface. If it does not start, you can use the following link to download and install Iatest ISL Pronto program: http://www.islonline.net/start/islpronto.

ISL Tester

ISL Tester new version will be automatically started after running the executable.

  1. Go to http://www.islonline.com/downloads/
  2. Click on ISL Tester button
  3. After starting the offered executable, latest version of ISL Tester will be started.

ISL Player

ISL Player new version will be automatically started after running the executable from http://www.islonline.com/downloads/

To update installed version of ISL Player:

  1. Open ISL Recording Player program
  2. Click on Help - Check for updates
  3. Follow through the installation process


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