Libs 6


** Defect

   [LIB-205] - libpng - does not build on osx

   [LIB-206] - libvpx - Does not build correctly on osx 64-bit

   [LIB-209] - XI - xvideo - Fix building on OS X

   [LIB-215] - Hefa - rw mutex API is not initialized by default on windows

   [LIB-222] - LIB - setupcheck win - process return code should be error code

   [LIB-224] - OS X Utils - [OS X >= 10.10]loading/installing agent does not work for standard (non-admin) users

   [LIB-226] - LIB - use absolute difference with time

   [LIB-231] - ISL Libs - OSXBuild - enable building of programs on osx 10.8 using xcode 5.0.2

   [LIB-234] - script times out

   [LIB-237] - ISL Libs - add support for using ScopedAutoReleasePool class in iOS platform

   [LIB-238] - openssl - openssl 1.0.2d does not build on win32

   [LIB-243] - ISL Libs - iOS modifications for hefa::sysmonitor and hefa-util-os functions

   [LIB-244] - ISL Libs - implement sysinfo plugin functions for iOS platform

   [LIB-249] - Hefa - AutoTransport - IP address mode for HTTP tunnels

   [LIB-251] - LIB - utils - delete ISL Light binary after the session

   [LIB-252] - QtUtils - add support to retrieve session code from ISLLight output file

   [LIB-254] - !005 External - add dependency tracker for builds to prevent usage of obsolete cached libs (like old openssl)

** Feature

   [LIB-202] - OS X Utils - add support for power off event

   [LIB-204] - Hefa - multifactor login dialog protocol implementation

   [LIB-210] - Libs - Simple Server Monitor - Adjust allowed ports in "opened_ports" script

   [LIB-211] - Libs - Simple Server Monitor - Adjust network_traffic script to have exception for 'lo'

   [LIB-212] - ISL Light - Desktop v4 - handle special case with shutdown callback and restart-resume enabled

   [LIB-214] - LIB - add support to skip files in minitarfolder

   [LIB-216] - [OS X] ISL Light make qml light aware of user sessions and who is the console user

   [LIB-217] - [OS X] ISL Light desktop restart and resume add polling for current owner of /dev/console

   [LIB-219] - HEFA - hefa::process::system should return process exit code

   [LIB-220] - OS X Utils - add support for checking if current user is the console user

   [LIB-221] - ISL Light Common - when using connect restore keep trying to lock the connect file indefinitely

   [LIB-227] - Hefa - return exit value by reference when using hefa process_immediate and limit process execution time

   [LIB-232] - Libs - Simple Server Monitor - Adjust allowed ports in "opened_ports" script to detect supposed port 7612 availability

   [LIB-233] - Libs - Simple Server Monitor - Adjust network_traffic script have higher triggers for packet count on intefaces due to high packet count on AON

   [LIB-235] - Libs - Simple Server Monitor - S30r2 updates - add support for "cmd_isl_conference_proxy_not_running" and centos 6.6 proto netstat output

   [LIB-241] - Hefa - print SSL connection cert/cipher details after handshake

   [LIB-242] - !010 Hefa - ensure that DH mode is always enabled in PolarSSL, remove old XySSL compat code

   [LIB-245] - External - import openldap, cyrus-sasl, mit-kerberos

   [LIB-246] - Hefa - add find_eol_t to make line parsing easier

   [LIB-247] - External - mingw unpacker

   [LIB-248] - QtUtils - add support to retrieve set arguments for ISL Light

   [LIB-250] - LIB - utils - expose creating global windows event

   [LIB-253] - ISL Libs - Common - add support for setting custom features set to isl light common v3 through configuration

   [LIB-255] - LIBS - issc - implement screenshot driver template

** Security

   [LIB-213] - External - OpenSSL 1.0.2c

   [LIB-228] - External - OpenSSL 1.0.2d

** Special

   [LIB-132] - OSXBuild - add support for building with iOS 8.2/8.3/8.4 SDK

   [LIB-207] - osxbuild - build c++ files with c++11 support (reverted)

   [LIB-208] - QT - On mac, force 32bit build when we specify a 32bit build on a 64bit OS

   [LIB-223] - External - osxbuild - support for 10.10.4 and up

   [LIB-225] - LIB - move hkey clear implementation to header

** Unspecified

   [LIB-236] - Qt - On windows, include WinExtras

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