Libs 5



   [LIB-10] - ISSC - unable to start streamer

   [LIB-159] - I/O Network traffic monitor script

   [LIB-160] - Listening ports script

   [LIB-161] - Correct iptables script

   [LIB-167] - Server network mainteinence script

   [LIB-172] - Hefa - Unix - exit(1) in failed subprocess might generate unnecessary crash dump

   [LIB-173] - OSXBuild - Make sure that ios builds link with GNU libstdc++ (not with libc++)

   [LIB-178] - ISL Light - Plugins v4 - File Transfer - crash when trying to initiate file transfer while session is NULL

   [LIB-180] - External - Qt - Prepare patch for Qt 5.4.0 to fix url handling if url is passed through reference

   [LIB-182] - ISL Light - Plugins v4 - Recording - add support for cmdline arguments regarding filename

   [LIB-187] - ISL Libs - Common - stop session is blocking call

   [LIB-188] - ISLLightHelper add support for instant_app

   [LIB-189] - ISLLight desktop plugin handle instant_app in restart_init

   [LIB-190] - External - osslsigncode does not run on win2k3

   [LIB-193] - Builder - building cmake is brocken on windows

   [LIB-201] - LIB - leaking registry handles

   [LIB-203] - HEFA - using netmt as rptTransportSink can create many threads


   [LIB-166] - HEFA - create named mutex

   [LIB-168] - Add existing QApp support to QtDialog

   [LIB-170] - HEFA - create add application to firewall function

   [LIB-171] - External - Qt - add possibility to apply beta patches only to beta versions of qt

   [LIB-181] - Utils - add --print option to and to just print curl commands to stdout

   [LIB-184] - ISL Light -Common - expose cmdline arguments in log file

   [LIB-185] - Hefa - Android - add support for external/androidbuild/

   [LIB-186] - LIB - improve performance of starts_with and ends_with functions

   [LIB-191] - Utils -

   [LIB-192] - HEFA - add webapi2 client instance id to logs

   [LIB-197] - ISL Light add support in qml light for checking restore file also when running as instant version

   [LIB-199] - osx utils - add support for registering custom url scheme within the app


   [LIB-179] - XI - xnet - Set limits of how high can the outstanding packets count be, before notifying or disconnecting

   [LIB-194] - ISSC - repository cleanup

   [LIB-196] - LIB - xisl xvideo - library does not compile on VS2005

   [LIB-198] - LIB - qtutils - does not compile with Qt 4.6


   [LIB-174] - OSXBuild - Add arm64 file to compiler dir for arm64 builds

   [LIB-175] - External - libvpx - For iOS use version 1.4.0 with arm64 support

   [LIB-176] - XI - xvideo - Disable format conversion with ARM NEON instructions for arm64

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