ISL Player 4.4.2234.8 for Windows, Mac & Linux (2023-02-14)


General Information

On 14th of February 2023 the following was released:

  • ISL Player 4.4.2234.8 for Windows (release_date=2023-02-10, build=55107f9e5d356b5367b2de48778d0e0c5609c44b, platform=win32, os_version=0x06010000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Player 4.4.2234.8 for MacOSX (release_date=2023-02-10, build=55107f9e5d356b5367b2de48778d0e0c5609c44b, platform=mac, os_version=0x0a0e00-0x1bffff)
  • ISL Player 4.4.2234.8 for Linux 64bit (release_date=2023-02-10, build=55107f9e5d356b5367b2de48778d0e0c5609c44b, platform=linux64, os_version=0x0206200000020c00-0xffffffffffffffff)

Update availability

All updates have release date set to 2023-02-10. Your ESS will need to be same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


ISL Player - Desktop - Upgrade mbedTLS to version 2.28.2 (SPECIAL) [ISLPLAYER-266] More


Mbed TLS library was updated to version 2.28.2.

ISL Player - Desktop - Raise minimal macOS requirement (SPECIAL) [ISLPLAYER-267] More


ISL Player minimal operating system requirement on macOS were raised to macOS 10.14.

ISL Player - Desktop - Pack glibc version into linux os_version (SPECIAL) [ISLPLAYER-269] More


In previous versions of ISL Player, the meta data of the application for did not have information about requirements for ISL Player to be offered by ISL Conference Proxy when downloading ISL Player on Linux machine. The meta data was added and now includes requirements regarding Linux version and glibc version.

ISL Player - Desktop - Replace int32 and uint32 with uint64_t (DEFECT) [ISLPLAYER-263] More


ISL Player did not correctly parse files with size bigger than 2.4 GB due to integer limitation. 32bit integers were replaced with 64bit integers and recordings larger than 2.4 GB are now correctly played.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Player - Desktop - ISL Player does not start on MAC Ventura (DEFECT) [ISLPLAYER-264] More


ISL Player did not start on macOS Ventura. The issue was in build requirement for QT, which is used for user interface. The target was changed and ISL Player is now correctly started on macOS Ventura.

The defect was fixed.

ISL Player - Desktop - Fix build script notarization (DEFECT) [ISLPLAYER-265] More


There was an issue with Gatekeeper that prevented start of ISL Player on macOS Ventura. The seal of the application was broken. We've fixed the seal, and ISL Player starts on macOS Ventura.

The defect was fixed.

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