ISL Tester 4.4.1804.10 for Windows, Linux and Mac (2018-02-08)


General Information

On 8th of February the following was released: 

  • ISL Tester 4.4.1804.10 for Windows (release_date=2018-02-06, build=10a61b55689da4d2b2896cb6eda6b16308990f91, platform=win32, os_version=0x06010000-0x7fffffff)
  • ISL Tester 4.4.1804.10 for Mac (release_date=2018-02-06, build=10a61b55689da4d2b2896cb6eda6b16308990f91, platform=mac, os_version=0x0a0800-0x0affff)
  • ISL Tester 4.4.1804.10 for Linux 64bit (release_date=2018-02-06, build=10a61b55689da4d2b2896cb6eda6b16308990f91, platform=linux64)

Update availability

All updates have release date set to 2018-02-06. Your ESS will need to be  same or higher to be able to update your server. This release is  available to all countries except Japan.

Upgrading to new version

Hosted service users please check Upgrading Hosted Service.

Server license users please check Upgrading Server License.


ISL Tester - Desktop - Raise minimum required version and drop support for 32bit Linux (SPECIAL) [ISLTESTER-44] More


New version of ISL Tester no longer supports Windows version older than Windows 7, also it does not support macOS versions older than macOS 10.8, and we dropped support for 32bit Linux.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Upgrade to QT 5.5 (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-31] More


ISL Tester uses Qt library which was updated to version 5.5.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Start using mbedtls (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-32] More


ISL Tester is now using mbed TLS library instead of PolarSSL library.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Show RTT times in graph when doing transfer test (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-33] More


Added support for showing RTT time when doing transfer test. This functionality will help us diagnose stalls and we will be able to decide how to optimize desktop streaming. Users can access the RTT graphs with shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + D (on macOS, CTRL is CMD).

ISL Tester - Desktop - Use boost instead of force as the default action for setting connection options (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-35] More


In previous version, in connect options there was force parameter, which is kind of dangerous. In this version, we replaced force with boost.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Add flags feature API (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-39] More


Added support for flags. Users can access flag window through "Settings / Show software flags...". Flags allows us to enable or disable specific features. If users are experiencing bugs with some features, all they need to do is to disable flag for that feature and bug should not be present anymore. Also, if some feature is developed, but it didn't go through ISL Online QA team, then flag for this feature will be disabled. However, users can enable this feature, but there is great possibility that the feature will have bugs.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Implement About window (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-43] More


ISL Tester was missing About window. About window is not implemented in current version. In about window, if user clicks on program name, there will be shown all info from build (user agent, program name, version, platform, build command, qt version,...).

Flag for this ticket is enabled by default.

ISL Tester - Desktop - Add support for automatic key upgrade RSA 2048 (FEATURE) [ISLTESTER-46] More


In these release, flag for enabling custom RSA keys is enabled. Flags that are enabled are:

  • 2017-03-16 LIB-746 automatic key upgrade
  • 2017-03-22 LIB-746 disallow cert v1 downgrade
  • 2017-03-22 LIB-746 disallow invalid certs

So ISL Tester will automatically use stronger key, it will prevent key downgrade (for instance, from 2048bit RSA key to 1024bit RSA key), and it will not allow invalid certs.

ISL Tester - Desktop Windows - If you do Transport test after succesfull direct connection WinINet keeps filling log (DEFECT) [ISLTESTER-29] More


In previous version, if users run Transport test after successful direct connection, WinINet will keep filling log. This was redesigned, so that now log should not be filled with irrelevant WinINET data.

The defect was fixed.

Flags for this ticket are enabled by default.

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